FAQ - Personalized Illustrations

What does this include?

All Personalized portraits include an illustration based on the details you provide (photo & text description). 

  • 1x High Quality Digital Copy of your personalized illustration
  • Any additional optional add-ons you have chosen (See 'Addon info' for more information)

How long does it take?

Work generally starts within 1 business day and the design process can take up to 7 business days. Please note during peak season this may be up to 3 business days and up to 12 business days for the design process. (The timing is dependent on your feedback as well)

Once the design has been finalized. You will be sent a digital copy and your addons will be processed and shipped. These take around 14 business days to arrive at your delivery address after the design has been finalized depending on the product. Please refer to the 'Addon Info' tab for more product specific information and shipping time frames. 

What if I don't like it?

We endeavor for 100% customer satisfaction and we will try our best to accommodate your requests, as such we allow for a number of revisions. We will send you a draft copy of your design so that you may offer your opinion for any revisions before we send you the final copy.  

Please note that the illustration is not supposed to be a 100% replica but an impression based on the design. As such you should refer to the product images and product description to get an idea of what we are offering before making a purchase. We also recommend that you read the 'How to Order' tab to get an idea of the level of customization you can get from the design.

We will work with you to get a design that you are happy with. However we reserve the right to deny additional revisions if we feel that your requests have become unreasonable and we are unable to meet your criteria. We offer full refunds for any design that has not been started and offer partial refunds for the illustrations once work has started but please refer to our Refund Policy tab for full details about our policy.

How Do I Order?

Please Refer to the 'How Do I Order' section of the product description

I am having trouble Ordering. Can you help?

Please email us on ikibostore@gmail.com with your the issue you are having and we will glady help you through the process.